Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What's been working for me:

I would like to preface this post by stating that I don't have years and years of experience like many runners, but I have had a lot of luck lately so I want to write down  my current habits so that I can look back at them in the future and to see what others think about them.  A lot of what I'm about to list as things that help my running I learned while running and chatting with  Andy Salinger and/or Evan Hone, two great guys that both know a lot about running.

What's been working for me:

Mileage, the more weekly miles I put in the better I feel and the better I perform.  I don't put in as many long runs anymore, instead I'll run twice on some days - once in the AM and once in the PM.  While long runs are important, splitting up the mileage like this had allowed me to put in a lot more miles.

Sauna: I try to hang out in the sauna at least twice a week for 20 minutes or so, because my body hates running in the heat, it slows me down a lot.  I think using the sauna is helping me get over this issue... slowly.

Recovering after races by taking the next day off running and easing back into my normal routine.  I've also been drinking Fluid recovery drink after every run or gym workout, seems to help a lot.  Tapering a couple weeks out before an event also helps my muscles recover to and feel "fresh" for the race.

Yoga: Helps maintain a fuller range of motion for all my muscles - important for a good stride.  I should probably do a lot more of this.

Weights:  I only lift light amounts of weight, but I try to do a lot of reps.  I think this helps prevent imbalances.

Nutrition:  I try to eat as little processed food as possible.  Ironically, during a run, all I eat and drink is processed.  I haven't really been eating any dairy the last couple of weeks and my body seems to like this.  

Researching:  websites put up by other runners (Stan Jensen's is a great hub of ultra info), chatting with physical therapists, respiratory therapists, doctors, dieticians and other nurses at work for tips on training/injuries/nutrition, etc.

So what did I miss?  

Anything up there ridiculously NOT important for running?



  1. Nice pics. I wish I would have found those first.

    You did forget one thing that has really helped you progress and that is LOTS of climbing.

  2. Oh yeah, forgot to mention that I like to climb. I hope you don't mind me using that picture of you at the bottom of my post, I'll ask first next time.

  3. How did you find that pic of me wearing my Lampre outfit? I've got to get out with you and Hone.

  4. Those gay race ready biker shorts HAVE NOT been working for you. Lets have a long talk about them on our run Sat. jk

    Also those pictures are freaking hilarious. Classics. You should have spaced them out though and not have used both in one post. Where did you find them??

  5. I think you've got it covered. Love the pics! Thanks for making me laugh!