Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Ray Miller Predictions

After running Ray Miller last year I knew right away that this race is going to be special for years to come.  With it's ocean views and vibrant green foliage this time of year, it's inspiring to run on.  Warm weather down here even in February, draws in other runners from other areas that experience real winters like Oregon and Colorado.  I am not surprised at all that these races sold out, Keira Henninger puts on nothing but quality races and Ray Miller is no exception.

Women's 50k

Jenn Benna
Kate Martini-Freeman (her and Jenn are gonna be neck'n'neck, it's a toss up who'll win)
Meghan Arbogast
Bree Lambert
Lisa Fink

Jenn Benna's 4:53 from last year (pictured left) will be beaten this year, by her or Kate.

Women's 50M

Amy Sproston (left)
Clare Abram
Katie Desplinter

Will Amy's 8:10 last year be broken?  I dunno.

Men's 50k

Chad Ricklefs (left)
Dominic Grossman
Mike McMonagle
Chris Price
Jeff Kozak (sounds like he's stepping down from the 50M distance)

Jonathon Toker's 4:07 CR, as fast as he is, is going to be obliterated.  I'm predicting winning time will be 3:50, but who cares?  There's a 50 miler going on here:

Men's 50M

Dylan Bowman (see a pattern here?)
Tim Olson (word on the street is that he's racing 50M)
Hal Koerner
Andy Jones-Wilkins
Tommy Nielsen
Marc Laveson
Toshi Hosaka
Thomas Reiss
Chris Rennaker
Brian Fuerst
Jimmy Freeman

Can Jorge Maravilla's time of 6:45 last year be beat?  I think Dylan or Timmy might be able to on a good day.  And with each other to feed off of, it'll probably happen, but no faster than 6:35.

I made up this list a little hastily, so please chime in on who I missed and/or misplaced.

Looking forward to a fun day of running in the mountains with tons of friends, which is a huge reason for me doing a bunch of these races in the first place.  And last but not least, good luck to my wife Elissa running her first 50 miler!