Saturday, March 19, 2011

What I ran this week:

Pics from last week's gorgeous run are up on Hone's site.  Were the views worth the poison oak I have all over now?... Sure.

Su:   0 miles (iPhone turned alarm off with daylight savings = no time to run before work =( )

M:  AM:  16 miles on Bulldog loop
      PM:  4 miles running around neighborhood

Tu:  AM: 17miles in Wildwood Park
       PM:  4 miles running around neighborhood with Elissa.

W:  AM: 16 miles on Los Robles Trail
      PM:  6 miles on Los Robles Trail with Elissa.

Th:  AM:  17 miles, down Sycamore Canyon to beach and back
F:  AM:  16 miles in Wildwood Park, first hour and a half in dark... thought I saw a Dic-Dic... but it turned out to be a bush. 
     PM:  6 miles in neighborhood with Elissa.

Sa:  0

So stoked that Elissa is on spring break and I got to run with her!

Total Mileage:  101.

1 comment:

  1. Chris, I'm excited to see how much you improve on the LD50 course. I went to CLU and loved running at Wildwood Park. There are so many great places to run in TO without having to drive too far. Good luck with the rest of your training.