Sunday, March 20, 2011

Report on Chris

During change of shift I either give or get report on the patient(s) I'm taking care of... thought I'd give report on myself:

75kg, 30 y/o male
·         Alert & oriented
·         Occasional complaint of pain related to muscle soreness
·         Sinus Brady. rhythm at rest
·         BP WNL
·         Manages secretions with a snot rocket/farmers blow or by hawking a lugie.
·         Drinks FLUID recovery drink immediately after exercise.  Eats all the time, might have a    tapeworm.
·         Poison oak rash present on all four extremities.  Treat with Technu soap and benedryl topical gel BID.  Zanfel scrub used PRN excessive itching.

·         ALWAYS wears Drymax socks when running and never gets blisters.
·         Happily married to my beautiful wife:

Has tons of support from a great family:

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