Saturday, January 29, 2011

Why do I run?

                                             LEONA DIVIDE TRAINING RUN
                             (lots of PCT single track...

Every once is awhile I ask myself... why am I slogging away on the trails, hours and hours every week.  Here's what I've come up with so far:

-It's fun (see picture above).
-The people I run with are amazing individuals (see picture above).
-It's a good way to clear your head/decompress.
-I feel so fortunate that I am healthy enough to run.  Working as a nurse I see thousands of kids who are temporarily or sometimes permanently disabled.  You never know when something could change your whole world in an instant... so I'm going to run while I'm able.
-My dad says, "it oxygenates your brain," and I could use some extra brain power.
-It's good for you.
-It gives me an excuse to wear short shorts.

So, why do YOU run????


  1. Moeben sleeves and short shorts....horrible. ha!

    That looks like a cool group to run with though.

  2. I run to make food taste really good. And to see Chris Price in motion in moebens and short shorts for miles at a time.