Tuesday, January 25, 2011

"I feel like I'm taking crazy pills!"

After watching a couple inspiring videos of Jack LaLanne this morning I was struck by a reoccurring feeling... that I must be taking crazy pills.

I work at a world renowned children's hospital... that has a G.. D... McDonalds inside the hospital.  How can a place that exists to improve people's health be poisoning them, there families, and workers with such horrible food?!

Being a nurse obsessed with nutrition, exercise and overall health I am continuously baffled at how many in my profession, who are brilliant caretakers and much more intelligent than myself can ingest such filth and live such a sedentary life when it is so well known that this is bad for your health.  I must admit that I cave in and gorge on cookies and treats that people bring in, but I don't like it, but no one else seems to care.

I think I'll go for a run to clear my head and cool my jets =)


  1. My wife is a NICU nurse at Primary Children's Hospital here in Salt Lake City, UT. We have similar discussions. We are both runners (me ultras, her half marathons) and value our healthy lifestyle. It makes us sick to watch what some people do, especially those who have been given the rare responsibility for caring for others. Good luck training for your first 100 miler. There is nothing like that feeling of crossing the finish line and knowing you did it.

  2. The reason I run is so I can eat a bunch of crap. I have at least 1 McDonalds ice cream cone every day.

    I have always wondered why so many nurses smoke though? My mom is one of them.

    Also I almost stepped on a massive rattler yesterday. I hate when that happens.

  3. Snakes are out already hunh? Hope it wasn't around Lang Ranch 'cause I'm head'n over that way shortly to test out my new Nike Free's... lunar racers were just too tight on my toes.

  4. A deal with the devil. McDonald's can afford to give a little back after profiting from serving absolute garbage all over the world. It's a shame, really. Keep your head up, though. CHLA is a great place and I say this personal experience. Unfortunately, deals like this are how they keep the doors open.