Thursday, January 20, 2011

Junk Miles?

After watching the Krupicka, Roes, Mackey and Jurek interview:  I started thinking about what Anton said about "junk miles,"  and how some people might consider a lot of the miles he puts in junk miles.

Do I run junk miles?  Doubtful, considering how little I usually run... but what about the 4 miles I run in the morning before I head into work, do those really help me in any way?  Anyone have a good definition of junk miles?


  1. I think everyone's definition will be slightly different. I consider junk miles to be any miles that keep you from accomplishing your objective and could cause you to fall short of your goal or potentially harm. It can be going to easy for a speed workout (to fall short of your goal) or too fast on a recovery run (potentially harm). Still, junk miles do have some merit because they are miles...just not ideal miles. Just my $0.02. The question is can any train fully with zero junk miles?

  2. As long as you are climbing they are never junk miles.

  3. Amen Evan, that reminds me... I found a couple new hills to climb. One is the hill that used to have a cross on the top over by wildwood, let's do some climbing soon.