Thursday, April 25, 2013




I've wanted to do this race ever since I heard about its rugged beauty.  I've never fancied myself a fast runner.  I am at home in technical slow terrain, and I like to push through suffering so this race should be perfect for me!

I have felt pretty good about the last couple races I've run.  But there is something different about this race.  It's long history of big dogs running it, stories of broken bones, reports of this being THE toughest 50 miler. But more importantly, I'll be stepping out of my little SoCal comfort zone.  I love our trails down here and racing our great races is logistically and financially easier.  I temper the feeling of recent success in races with knowing that I've seldom run against "the big dogs."  We have legit local runners, but it's time I venture off my home trails onto someone else's.  Zane Grey is looking to be pulling more fast runners from farther away than most races I've run.  It's no North Face or Lake Sonoma by any means, but it does have a talented field toeing the line.  I'm excited to race against the guys listed below.  I'm faster now than I've ever been and we'll see what I've got this Saturday.  Should be a great opportunity to see what I'm made of.

Jay McDowell has posted polls on his blog that allows readers to pick who they think is going to win.

Purdy - Stolen from Ian Torrence's Blog.


Mike Foote - 3rd place at last years UTMB = 100% stud.  He's going to beat everyone by 10-15 minutes in a time of 8:20.

Jamil Coury -  While only 8 people finished the Mogollon Monster, he won with a solid time for a 106 mile course.  Oh yeah, and he helped a couple replace a flat tire during the race.  He keeps getting faster and faster, and he's as cool as a cucumber.  He knows the course well and will finish in the 8:30's.

James Bonnett - He's fast.  He's run this race.  If he still has his dreads, their weight will slow him down a bit - Finishing in 8:40.  If they are no more, he might sneak in ahead of Jamil.  

Catlow Shipek - Last years winner.  Word on the street is that he's injured.  Can anyone confirm or deny this?

Michael Carson - 2nd last year.  Will finish in 8:50.

Bret Sarnquist - Has run this race well, 9:30.

Scott Jaime - Won ZG 4 years ago.  Will run smart, passing people in 2nd half: 9:35.

Dom Grossman - Didn't taper long enough: 9:36.

Brian Hopton-Jones - 4th here last year, 9:40.

John Anderson - 9:40.

Cory Davidson - Ran the Grand Canyon with him 3 weeks ago, great climber: 10:00.

Jason Leman - 10:00.

David Metzler - Was on Jay's Poll.  Who is this guy?

Ian Torrence - 10:45

Chris Price - You tell me X:XX?


Paulette Zillmer - Last years winner.  Winner of AC.  Speedy, does well in heat.  9:59.

Kerrie Bruxvoort - 2nd at Speedgoat last year: 10:00.

Diana Finkel (not Einhorn!) - HR CR holder: 10:00.

Jane Larkindale - 10:00.  Wow, it's going to be a tight race up in front for the women!

Brittany Orkney - 10:30.

Magi Redlich - 11:00.

Katie DeSplinter - Tougher than poop, which will come in handy on this course:  11:00.

Sarah McCloskey - 11:30.

Like always I made this list a little hastily.  So fill me in on who and/or what I missed.

Rumors:  Is Karl Metlzer going to show up and run?  He seems to race ZG most years.  I heard that Tony Krupicka was thinking about running.  Anybody have an insight?


  1. good luck out there dude! it should be a fun, brutal day.

    1. Thanks James. Sorry to hear about your femur, but it looks like it's not keeping you off the bike at all. Hope you can get back to running soon.

  2. Good luck Price. Will be rooting for ya.

  3. Can we drink more beers at skull rock when this is over?

  4. have a great race Chris! Looking forward to hearing about it