Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Grand Canyon Pics & Getting ready for Zane Grey

Double rim crossing of Grand Canyon lived up to the hype. One of the runners in our group, Cory, did a great write up about our trip here.  See you at Zane Grey Cory!

Night before 
Sun coming up on Dan Olmstead and Lewis Taylor descending South Kaibab Trail.

Added on a couple miles to Plateau Point, worth it.

Climbing back up the South Rim via Bright Angel Trail.

Cory crossing a bridge on our way down from the North Rim.
Training for ZG has gone well, using the Grand Canyon as my last long run. Then running on local trails like Steep'n'cheap and the Briar Trail. Pictures here of me, Dom, Peter and Erik doing BDP (Baldy, Dawson, Pine) good technical dirt in preparation for some rocky Arizona trails.

Looking at Baden-Powell from Dawson Peak

Erik posted some good pics from some of the above mentioned runs here.

There's something about the way everything looks when you are up on the top of mountains where the air thins. Keeps me coming back.

Backside of Baldy


  1. Thanks for the plug. Best of luck in Zane Grey (remember my great grandpa knew him ;-)

  2. Nice pics! Wish I saw you at the Grand Canyon. BDP is one of my favorite trails! Good luck in Zane Grey.

  3. Love it1 Those warning sign pics always crack me up :D