Saturday, February 16, 2013

Bandit 50k Predictions

Bandit 50k Predictions:
(Old Goats pre-match)
This course keeps drawing more and more people each year, including a bunch of fast locals.  It’s a gorgeous course, especially this year with the new single track added (by eliminating a loop from last year’s course).  Randy and Sarita Shoemaker, Larry Lee and co.  put on a great event, tomorrow will be no exception – can’t wait!

James Walsh – Ran Baz’s 21k today.  Is that going to affect him much for tomorrow?  He’s on fire lately and will probably win anyway.  He’s one of the fast cats racing Old Goat’s next month.
Guillame Calmattes – I work with Fellows (MDs) and they’re too busy to train sufficiently.  He’s very talented, and will wind up on the podium, but he won’t be on the top. 
Trey Barnes – won this race last year.
Josh Spector – he’s legit.
Chris Price – hammy and hip are a little out of whack, but I’ll have fun chasing people.  Enjoyed running this race 2 years ago and it’ll be a good test of my racing ability as I gear up for Old Goats next month.
Keith Yanov – will have a breakout race, I’ve run with him lately and he’s looking good.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see him finish top 3.
Mike McMonagle – I don’t think he ran to his potential at Ray Miller a couple weeks ago and will be eager to perform tomorrow.
Chris Z – Old Goats after this.
Elan Lieber – Old Goats next.
Mathew Ardine – won the tough Red Rock 50 miler

Margaret Nelson – almost sub 7 at Avalon 50 miler!  Speeeeedy.  Will be at OG next month.
Keira Henninger – Super solid runner.  While she excels at longer distances, I think she’ll like the new course this year with more climbing and more single track.  She’ll be at Old Goats next month too.
Maggie Beach – previous winner of this race, always performs well. OG next month.
Kim Gemenez – very impressive record.


  1. My prediction: you'll be done with the 50K before I'm done with the 30K.

    Good luck to all.

  2. It was nice meeting you Chris! Congrats for the win!
    I learned a lot today, hopefully I'll make some adjustments for the next race!

  3. Nice meeting you too Guillaume! I see you're signed up for Speedgoat, I'm jealous! Sounds like a sweet course.