Thursday, February 28, 2013

Ray Miller & Bandit Race Reports + Old Goats Prep.


photo by Chandra Farnham

Felt good to finish in 2nd place, but a little embarrassing that the first place finisher, Chad Ricklefs, beat my by 26 minutes... ouch.  But I had a great time running with Dominic Grossman for the first 20 miles, then slowly being able to pull ahead of him towards the end.

It was also embarrassing to have the 50 mile leaders pass me at mile 15 or so.  Hmm, maybe I went out a little too fast?

While it felt really good to run hard and race again for the first time since July last year, and the first time since my surgery in September (thanks for the pre-race shout out Keira!), something was missing.  Can't describe it any better than by saying that I was missing a gear.

Enough about my race.  My wife Elissa ran her first 50 miler, on a difficult course, in less than 10 hours and was out smiling, goofing around and really enjoying herself.  Can't wait to see what she does next =)
photo by?

The atmosphere of the event was phenomenal:  many good friends sitting around the picnic tables in the campground, rehashing race day stories, devouring food and sipping delicious beverages.  Didn't hurt that it was a gorgeous day and the course offered many views of the Pacific Ocean.  Thanks for putting on another perfect event Keira!

"Here Jimmy, this Pliny will help you get over your DNF."
photo by JB Benna


Loved the new course with more climbing, more serene single track and removed loop.  Randy Shoemaker, his wife Sarita, Larry, Eric and all of the other people putting on this event did a great job.  Reminded me of Ray Miller, how we got to finish in a park, then sit around eating and drinking with friends, watching other friends finish, all on another California Bluebird day.

Chan taking a picture of Chan-Chan, taking a picture of me.

I thought James Walsh was going to run away with a W, but he ran a tough 21k the day before and wasn't fresh.  We ran pretty much together for the first 6 miles, I pulled ahead just a little bit, and kept that tiny lead for the next 20 miles.  I pulled ahead just a few more minutes, finishing first in 4:10.

Chris Zurbuch on the left, James Walsh on the  right.

Thanks for crewing for me honey!

Now that I've got a couple weeks to put in some proper training for Old Goats, I've had to eat wayyyyy more food, what a good problem to have.  A month ago I was trying hard to lose a couple pounds, eating celery, watching what I ate.  Now that I've put in a 100 mile week running around the mountains I've been able to chow down without gaining any weight.  Best diet ever.

Building up an appetite.
photo by Colin Cooley
Another dreamy shot from Baldy.
photo by Colin Cooley
Hoping to put in another 100 miles and 20k'+ of climbing this week as my training for Old Goats is nearing its peak.  I'll dig up some insider information on the contenders and post my predictions in the next week or so.


  1. was awesome seeing you a couple times this month. Congrats on RM and Bandit, looking forward to hearing about OG. See you for another mountain adventure soon!

  2. Great finally meeting you and running around with you too Josh! Let's do Baldy again soon, or maybe Icehouse, or?

  3. KChan did a hundred miles this MONTH!

  4. Nice work Price. See you at the Goat!