Sunday, June 19, 2011

A week of recovery.

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Weekly Mileage:  0

Definitely took a couple days after my first 100mi race for the pain to set in.  Had pitting edema in my lower legs for a couple days, and just continuous leg pain, mostly near my shins.  Big toes hurt/tingled too, and still do a little bit but I'm feeling wayyy better today.  Working 4 12 hour shifts last week probably didn't help any... I won't schedule myself like that after my next hundo.

Finally caved in on Friday and started taking some Ibuprofen, I really think it has helped.

Some people might be wondering why I had duct tape over my nips in some of the pictures from the race:

Here's why:

I've had hit and miss luck with lubing up my nips in the past, and I liked the duct tape technique, until it fell off and I used lube around mile 75.

Lessons learned:  

After running 50 miles I felt like had run 50 miles - I was tired and hurting, I thought I was going to feel fresh at this point because I was running those first 50 at any easy pace, Ha!  Right, like I would feel fresh after 50 miles.

Even if you hurt and are feel impending doom, you can keep moving and will likely feel better, or at least enter a realm of delusion which allows you to run again, so don't freak out at mile 52 thinking, "there's no way I can run another 50."

100mi races are really fun to be around.  The worst part was how I felt during the actual race.  Everything else was sweet.  I really want to go to some more races to pace, crew or volunteer, the vibe and energy and all that good stuff is pretty amazing when you're around the kid of nut jobs that get together to run 100 miles in one sitting.

Even though I haven't even run yet since the race I'm thinking about my next hundred... any suggestions on which to run?  I believe that ultra-amnesia is real... you forget about the bad every time.

Here's a video of the gun going of at SD and the fast cats taking off, including but not limited to: Dylan, Rod, Yasssine, Topher, "Buzz", Chrissy and Jenny.


  1. 100s hurt. Good job out there last week. If I were you I would look at the Bear. That one is supposed to be sweet. Plus it will be good to race outside of Cali for a change.

  2. The Bear does look like a beautiful coarse. Don't think I'm quite ready to run another 100 this September. It would be nice to run one out of Cali for a change, hmmm.

  3. Finally a week where I can say I maatched Price's mileage!

    Slickrock 100 in Utah looks epic. I've had my eye on that race for a while.

  4. How about Firetrails 50 in October? Not a hundred, but I remember you mentioned that you might do that one.

  5. Carl, Slickrock does look pretty amazing. The fact that it's a new race scares me a bit though, and I'm not sure if I'm quite ready for another 100 that soon. How's your recovery going?

    Christian, Dick Collins Firetrails does look fun... I'll have to look into it. Are you running much since your IM?

  6. Loved seeing the pictures and reading your race report. GREAT JOB! That is amazing.

  7. Just live life man, don't put any goals in front of yourself other than running and feeling good. You did a damn good job at SD mang!