Monday, July 11, 2011

I'M BACK... almost

After about a month of nagging injuries stemming from an awesome experience at SD100, I am almost 100% recovered.  After running 100 miles I think that I should do more leg strengthening exercises like lunges, calf raises, etc. to prevent shin splints like I got after the race.  I think I'll wear shoes with a little more cushion than the New Balance 101's as well.  It could be that running 100 miles is just hard on the body, and running in cushier shoes with slightly stronger legs won't leave me feeling any better after the next 100 I run... but there's only one way to find out.

Man, after watching Hardrock 100, I really want to run that race, but doing so will require traveling to another qualifying race between now and this time next year... then getting lucky enough to have my name drawn in the lottery.

Can't wait to see how Angeles Crest unfolds, have a lot of friends and acquaintances running it and I'm sure the're be countless stories to hear when it's all said and done.

Elissa and I just got back from a sweet 10 day trip to Colorado.  We both got a lot of training in for a vacation.  She's got a 70.3 coming up at the end of this month and I'm training for... uh... I don't know yet.  Mt. Disappointment 50k?  I put in about 50 miles of running last week, about 30 miles of biking and even a little swimming.  The biking seems like a good way to build endurance and strength back up while taking it easy on my improving legs.

While 50 miles isn't much running for a week, most of it was up in elevation and included some slow, steep stuff, and even some glissading.  Here's a fun 10 miler I did out of Boulder, CO up to Bear Mtn. then over to Green Mtn.:  Bear to Green by at Garmin Connect - Details

Elissa frolicking through the Garden of the Gods
Red Rocks amphitheater in the far left of the pic

Rocky Mountain National Park
Olympic Complex in Colorado Springs

Had a great time on vacation.  It was nice to explore Colorado, but it also felt good to go back to work, doing something that I enjoy with a bunch of coworkers that are great friends and a pleasure to work with.


  1. cool pics. sounds like your recovery is coming along just fine. I'm doubtful for AC. too much on my plate right now. maybe bulldog.

  2. Good to hear you are felling good and looks like CO was great! I agree about Hardrock. That race looks killer and amazing. I'll share AC stories soon enough...tick tick tick

  3. Love the pics Chris! So happy for you & Elissa! So fun! Jesse & I are heading up to three rivers & yosemite after AC we cannot wait! We will also both be @ Mt.D so see ya there & welcome to the Rudy Project Ultra team!! You were my favorite to add to my team! :0)

  4. Will, you've been running an insane amount of long races at too fast a pace to not slow down a bit. Good seeing you at SD, MIGHT see you at Bulldog.

    Chan, You're going to tear it up at AC, I can just feeeeel it.

    Keira, I'm so stoked to be on your Rudy Project Ultra team! Hopefully I'll be ready to represent at Mt. Disappointment. You better break 24 hrs at AC... have fun in Yosemite with Jesse, sounds awesome.

  5. The reason I hate 100s is that I feel like crap for a month after the race. Glad your back and let me know if you can do a run Saturday morning.

    Also Rudy Porject? Just please do not turn into one of those runners that are a running billboard while out on the race course. There are already enough NASCAR looking guys at the races. ha