Monday, June 6, 2011

Taper Tantrums

SD100 is less than a week away, 4 days to be exact.  I have 3 days off from work... perfect opportunity to go explore some new trails, but I have to keep my running to a minimum.  So what do I do instead of run?  Lounge around, work on my abs, lift weights too much - putting on extra weight that I don't need, hang out with my wife more - "letting" her beat me in cribbage.  Good thing the NBA finals are on, that helps distract me a bit... GO HEAT!

I'm heading into this race slightly under trained, but injury free and chomping at the bit to run.

All my drop bags are packed, I've met with both of my awesome pacers, Andy Salinger and Jimmy Dean Freeman.  I went out at 4am and tested my new headlamp out in the drizzly dark this morning.  I've checked the extended weather forecast for race (high of 71, low of 47 on race day).

I've over analyzed logistical minutiae and wish the race was tomorrow so that I would quit worrying about it!  I'm planning on using an iPod during part of the race, never have listened to music while racing, but should be good for keeping the ennui at bay.  Have my wardrobe all figured out too:

Here are the artists on my playlist for race day:  Benny Benassi, The Bloodhound Gang, Kanye West, Fedde Le Grand, Lady Gaga, Lit, Queens of the Stone Age, Red Hot Chili Peppers and last but not least, Rob Zombie.

I've been stretching a little bit more:

Oh, before I forget... I forgot to mention Shawna Tompkins as a top female contender at the race, she's got a lot of solid performances under her legs and has run well recently.

I'm bummed that my buddy Hone is temporarily on the DL, so I'll have to wait to smoke him at some future race... Bear 100 perhaps?

Any sage advice on how to survive tapering?


  1. Price, you're looking fit in those photos. You have nothing to worry about on race day. As for the tapering, better to go in hungry than burnt. Good luck man!

  2. 100 miles is another beast, you gotta attack it from different angels and have good back up plans for nutrition, food, shoes, gear etc. I think one of the best runners in the last decade (Dave Mackey) has summed it up best: listen to your body very closely and focus on giving it everything it needs to keep performing on all cylinders.

    For me at AC, that means the person that can help me the most is myself, figuring out exactly what I need, and giving myself exactly what I need. Suggestions and everything from crew are nice, but my plan of 300 calories an hour, salt, and water intake of 40oz an hour is what I've got to do. It sounds dumb and obvious, but don't be a passenger mang, stay in the driver's seat all race and drive hard!

  3. Chris~

    So excited for you!! There is no better feeling than finishing a 100 miles. You will be so happy to be part of a select few who understand this feeling. Probably why we are all like family. We suffer together, train together, and aid each other through this journey of our sport. Rock on my friend!! Jesse & I will be waiting for you at sweetwater no later than 8:30!!! HA!!!! ~time to bring it babydoll!!