Wednesday, May 25, 2011

San Diego 100 Predictions

Had a couple fun days of training last weekend on the course.  Thanks for letting me bum a ride out there with you Carl.  I was pleasantly surprised with how beautiful the area is, was also surprised with how many people were there on Sunday (60) and how organized all the aid stations were.

RD extraordinaire Scotty Mills leading the way

Conga line up to Stonewall Mtn.

View from the top

Ran the last 10 miles of the course on Monday w/ Elissa, here she is on the PCT

Penny Pines Aid Station

^^^^^^^^^^^^^ MEN'S FIELD PREDICTIONS ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

  1. Guillermo Medina: he's a machine
  2. Ben Hian: hard not to put him at number one, but Guillermo runs with a little more honey badger like tenacity.
  3. Yassine Diboun: solid Miwok performance recently
  4. Rod Bien
  5. Dylan Bowman: younger guy, did well at Leadville
  6. Brian Polley
  7. Dave James... but he's running WS 2 weeks later... can't run them both well, what'll he do?
  8. Josh Brimhall
  9. Tim Long
  10. Chris Price:  It's my blog so I get to put my name on this list, I haven't run a 100, so I don't really belong on here though.
  11. Harald Zundel: just ran across the country, he's ready to rock it

###################### WOMEN'S FIELD ###################

  1. Krissy Moehl: will place very high overall and probably chick me
  2. Julie Fingar
  3. Jenny Capel: Is from Reno, I like Reno
  4. Tracy Dimino
  5. Betsy Nye:  Is from Truckee so she's tough


Forgot about Topher Gaylord, he'll finish top 5.  Word on the street is there are some other dudes that'll tear it up that I'm not to familiar with... Kinda like James Bonnet at Leona Divide.  And just like Leona there will be a handful of fast peeps that can't hang for 100, hopefully I won't be in this boat.


  1. Rod, Josh, and Yassine have got a ton of talent. Rod has been busy this spring, but is my pick to win based on sheer potential and previous 100 mile performances. Yassine can win if he eats enough. Josh can run great if he's healthy. Ben can't be forgotten either with some intimate course and race knowledge.

    Guillermo and Brian though are likely to be the last men standing if the entire front pack blows up.. Chris's compression shorts are a major factor; he'll lose some time having to change them out every 25 miles when the elastic wears out from holding up his 16lb bowling balls..

  2. Rock the PCT (and the rest of the course)!

    Enjoy yourself out there man.

  3. Dom: good insight, but my spandex are super tight and won't stretch out, unless the holes I just got in them get bigger, Uh oh. I'm planning on NOT being in a front group that blows up, hopefully I can resist the urge to race early on.

    Carl: you're right, honey badger don't care... I said I'd chip in for gas Sunday and totally forgot, I'll get you back race day.

    Chan: I thought about you as I ran on the PCT, MAYBE someday I'll do the same thing too... Prrrrrrrrrobably won't get around to it though.

  4. Ben first, he took it easy at the PCT three weeks ago. Second Yassine he is always the underdog but coming strong. Third Guillermo he did not run since Javelina. However watch out on Dave James he can run a 100 in 13 hours, he will push hard and do great or drop. Rod could be doing great I ran with him at Leadville last year strong finisher

    Anyhow it look like it should be very interesting

  5. Fabrice, thanks for all 411, scares me how good some of these guys are. Guillermo did run since Javelina, he ran a 18hr 100mi at Born to Run Ultras. Good luck at Nanny Goat! Can't wait to see how you do.

  6. I am still picking myself up off the floor from Dom's comments...god I love you guys. Friggin hillarious! Carl what up cookie monster!!! Chris I will be at Sweetwater either way helping you through!!

  7. The last 20M are tough. Nice pics - what a beautiful area. Good luck and make that prediction come true.

  8. Looks like a bunch of slow losers will be out there. jk

    Have fun and represent the TO!