Monday, June 18, 2012

Why older runners out run younger runners:

Guess that changes the meaning of "running hard" doesn't it?!

While I have been running hard lately, in preparation for Angeles Crest 100, it has been the difficult exertion kind of hard.

Looking over at Taqhuitz Peak as we came down from San Jacinto Peak (10,800' sans Viagra) with Jesse and Chandra.

Loved returning to SD100 to pace this year, after running it last year for my first 100.  Was planning on pacing the uber fast Fabrice.  Unfortunately, he has been plagued by injury and unable to train adequately, resulting in a drop at 50 miles.  This was serendipitous though, as I snagged the first pacerless runner to come through the Sunrise aid station and run the next 49 miles with him.  Have never met Joe Rowland before, but got to know him pretty well in the 12 hours we spent running into the night and into the next morning.  What a stand up guy, and solid runner.  His fiance, Alison, was very motivational and fun to see at each AS, what a crewer!  Thanks for putting up with me for the second half of the race Joe!
Stonewall AS

I've been sneaking in a lot of fun runs with different circles of friends, love seeing everyone running races lately or training for WS, HR or AC.  From the Wolfpack up in Idyllwild, to the Badrats at SD100, running all over the AC course with PT extraordinaire Michael Chamoun, the 3 T's with Wendy and Elissa, camping at Guffy with Elissa, Dom, Jesse, Mari and Jorge, running around San Gabriel Peak with Billy... I've been getting after it, running hard, and loving the company.  Also enjoyed my solitary run today up to Mt. Wilson and back.

Allllmost to Telegraph Peak.
Chamoun on the way to Mt. Wilson, Baldy looming.
Elissa climbing San Gabriel Peak, Purple Poodle Dog pre-bloom.
Dom training for HR, Wick for WS and AC for myself.  
Eric, Jesse, Dom - Baldy via Bear Creek

Good luck to everyone at States this weekend!  Go out too fast and Eric Wickland will real you in fast!  He's a smart runner, smarter than he looks.  You've been warned...  

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  1. Solid training my friend. The countdown to the big day is on. It'll be great seeing you out there, especially without the PPDB!