Wednesday, March 21, 2012



1. Jorge Pacheco - He's Jorge & he has the CR here.
2. Fabrice Hardel - He will definitely give Jorge a run for his $.  Could pull off a W.  Ran an uber solid Chimera 100M so he can boogie on these trails.
3. Eric Wickland, myself or Dom Grossman.


1. Amber Monforte - Pretty impressive track record.
2. Maggie Beach - Could come away with the win, we'll see.
3. Marianne Barosa & Keira Henninger will be fighting for third.  I've run a couple times with Marianne and she's solid.  50 miles is new for her, but if she's half as tough as I think she is, she's gonna kill it.  Keira's legit in the mountains.  The tougher and the longer the race, the better she does.

There are plenty of other talented runners that are good enough to wind up of the podium as well, but I'm about to crawl into bed so I'm keeping this short'n'sweet.

Any thoughts on my thoughts?

Can't wait for this race - some good competition and a day in the mountains with tons of friends, bring it!

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  1. I don't have any predictions, but think yours are solid. See you in the early morning...