Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Looking back at 2011 & Looking forward to 2012

I'm pretty happy with how 2011 turned out.  I was stoked to win a couple races, that always feels good.  So far I've only won 50ks, one goal for 2012 is to win a longer race.

I did have my first DNF at Born to Run Ultras 100k.  Very embarassing, but I learned that racing a competitive 50 miler two weeks before attemtping to run a flat and fast 100k was not something my body was ready for at the time.  Other "big dogs" are able to run a crazy amount of races back to back to back, but not me, at least not at this point.
Running a 100 miles at San Diego, my first hundo, was something else.  It took me to a weird place that is hard to describe since I don't have a lot of experience with being "in that place" mentally yet.  Looking forward to venturing to that place again this summer.

Since I want to improve my racing at longer races I'm starting off the year at Keira's Ray Miller, running the 50 mile option... gonna be a sick course with 11,000' of climbing, tons of beautiful single track and ocean views, does it get any better?  Here's my current racing plan for '12

Feb. 25th, Ray Miller 50M

Mar 24th, Old Goats 50M ?

May 5thMiwok 100k - Looking forward to toeing the line with big dogs and most likely enjoying some of this after the race:

May 26th, Front Range 50k, it's going to be a fun, but slowwwww 50k with plenty of climbing.

July 21st, Angeles Crest 100M, bring the pain.

I'm tossing around the possibility of going back to school in August for my MSN.  If I do, I probably won't race much, or at least long races for the rest of the year.  But if I don't go back to school (yet) here's what I'm looking at as far as races:

Oct 6th, Cuyamaca 100k ? Can't go wrong running a race put on by Scotty Mills, and this is on some of the same trails as the beautiful San Diego 100 course.

Sep. 17th, Noble Canyon 50k? Some of the same trails as SD100 and Cuyamaca 100k, had a ton of fun at this race last year.



  1. Nice season dude. I'll see you at Ray Miller and AC. I'll be at Old Goat too, but that just filled up!

  2. Kev,

    Those are both going to be great races with tons of friends at each. I guess I was a day late and dollar short for Old Goats, oh well. See you on the trail.

  3. I bet Steve would make arrangements to get you in. That's the problem with being fast, if you really want to run, no one lets you use the "race is filled up" excuse.

    You should get in on the Steamboat 100 and The North Face 50.