Saturday, April 9, 2011

Recovery Week - 73 mi

Sun: 0

Mon: 0

      AM:  9 mile loop from Chantry with Elissa.  I'm stoked that she's about to graduate and we'll be able to run together a lot more!
      PM:  6 mile interval training on treadmill.

      AM: 5 miles on the road before work

      AM: 10 miles on Los Robles Trail with Evan, always fun trying to keep up with him on the climbs.
      PM:  6 mile interval training on treadmill.

     AM: 14 miles, up and down Bulldog with Evan.

      AM:  22 miles with Dom, Chantry Flats up to Mt. Wilson, then down through Newcomb Saddle to car.  Fun running on a little dusting of snow on the top.

A couple pics from me & wifey's run:

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