Sunday, April 3, 2011

Last Week


AM run before work:  5mi


PM:  Los Robles Trail, up at the top overlooking the ocean I said a prayer for my buddy after learning this morning that he passed away today :  15mi


AM:  Lang Ranch up to Simi Peak, through China Flat, then Albertson Motorway back to car:  11mi

PM:  Los Robles Trail:  9mi


AM run before work, cut it short b/c my legs feel trashed and I wasn't really feeling it: 4mi



Sunrise run on Los Robles Trail... still feeling sluggish and unmotivated like Wednesday: 10mi


Super fun run starting at Eaton.  Met Dominic, Katie, Sada and Adam in the parking lot.  Hardest training run I've done... maybe this whole year.  Legs still felt pretty blah from the start, but it was so gorgeous and fun running somewhere new with a good group of peeps, and unexpectedly running into people that my motivation improved:  32mi.

Post run lunch:  Chocholate FLUID, Blue Moon, Doritos, egg salad sandwhich, Monster Energy Drink... delicious.


TOTAL:  87mi

Not a ton of miles this week, but a good amount of climbing.

Pictures from Saturday's run:


  1. you forgot the pic of me hiking up winter creek as you kicked my butt! And that we climbed 9700ft that day according to the garmin (at least 8k in my book). Good stuff bro

  2. Dom, I also conveniently omitted any shots of you dropping me on the way into Idlehour.

    It was a sweet run, show me some mo!