Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What to do, what to do.

This June I will be running my first 100 miler… I am currently registered to run a flat 100k (Born to Run Ultramarathons) four weeks before the SD 100.  Shortly after registering for the 100k, I thought to myself… Four weeks is enough time to recover… right?  I’ve asked a couple running buddies what they think about my situation and responses have ranged anywhere from, “Four weeks is plenty of time to recover,” to “No way… don’t run the 100k.”  I’ve also heard, “you CAN run the 100k, but don’t race it.” 
Obviously the SD 100 is more important to me and I do want to place well there, does that mean I should not participate in the 100k at all?  I’m beginning to think that may be the smart route. 
Enlighten me with personal insight, stories, links, anything, please!


  1. There is not any moderation in ultrarunning.

    4 weeks is plenty of time to recover. Race the 100k and win it. Man up dude.

    Running high mileage helps you recover much quicker than normal people that run 30-80 miles a week. Keep your miles above 100 and you can recover from a race in a matter of days.

  2. I raced Rocky Raccoon 50mi, LA marathon, American River 50mi, and Miwok 100k last spring in the matter of 3 months or so.. I eventually realized towards the end of that, it was a waste of resources and that I was making a lot of excuses for not running better.. But if you're okay with that.. go for it!