Sunday, July 7, 2013

Hardrock 100 Predictions

1) Seb Chaigneau (40): 2 podium finishes at UTMB, a first at an 80k in the Andes.  

2) Joe Grant (28):  2 great HR finishes including 2nd at HR last year.  He's also run Iditirod, Bighorn, UTMB.  Seeing him run through Pole Creek last year in hot pursuit of Dakota and Hal was inspiring... He's definitely going for the W and has a great shot this year.

3) Jared Campbell (33):  He's done Nolan's 14, Wasatch, HRx3, C2M, Bighorn, Bear, and he's made sweet how to glissade instructional videos.  A definite contender for 1st as well.

4) Matt Hart (38):  <20 Bear finish, Grindstone, HR, won TRT.

5) Troy Howard (40):  Leadville, Wasatch, WS, HR, Bear, AC.

6) Jamil Coury (28):  Mogollon Monster,  Leadville, AC, WS.  He also has been living in Silverton for awhile, making us all jealous that we're not there yet.

Other top dogs in order of who I think will finish first:  

-Neal Gorman
-Karl Meltzer (would have him higher if he didn't just race WS)
-Scott Jaime
-Adam Hewey
-Jason Poole
-Ted Mahon
-Dan Barger
-Nick Coury
-Ricky Denesik

What about the Woman!?  I'm sure at least half of that list above will get chicked... But by which ladies?  Someone please inform me.

From Mather Pass on JMT

Where will I land?  Hopefully the top 10.  I feel well acclimated, after a month in my Hypoxico tent, and after spending a week backpacking the JMT with my good buddy and one of my HR pacers Mike Chamoun.  I've put in some solid weeks with lots of climbing at moderate elevation.  I have run about 8 miles in the last 2 weeks, which doesn't feel quite right...  We'll see how well my 220mi back packing trip works as training.

Also from the JMT


  1. 220 miles and all we get are 2 pictures??

    Not sure how much "running" folks will be doing at HR so maybe this works out better for ya. Best of luck Chris - rep LA well.

  2. For a top woman look for Darla Askew! Have a great race Chris!We will be following:)

  3. Billy, I put some JMT pics up on FB. Check 'em out, you'll wanna go out there =). Good hearin from ya.

    Wendy, thanks! We'll watch Darla... She's running AC also right? She's got her work cut out for with Darcy and Diana both toeing the line again in Silverton.

  4. Have a good race at Hardrock Chris! If you didn't see it yet, you made the top contestant list on iRunFar ; )

    1. Thanks for forwarding me that link, I didn't see that until you passed it my way. See you at AC!

  5. Diana Finkel will finish first - overall or for the women, her race remains to be seen.

    1. Diana FLEW past me half way up Handies Peak. She was crushing it, looking amazing. Too bad she experienced kidney issues again this year. Regardless, she's so inspirational and I was honored to share the trail with her for a little while.